The AMRC has multi-disciplined engineers from a wide range of industrial backgrounds who have extensive experience in solving problems through engineering design, product & process development and access to clinical expertise.

We are supporting businesses and manufacturers of all sizes, including start-ups, to innovate and grow their business by:

  • Accelerating the development of new innovative materials, products, manufacturing processes and digital services
  • Rapidly extending your innovation capacity by gaining access to our state-of-the-art facilities, expertise, know-how, innovation networks and contacts
  • Reduce your risk and cost of developing and adopting new disruptive technologies; and/or addressing global societal, environmental and industrial challenges

Case studies, technological capabilities and expertise

Device Design and Process Development

Capabilities: New Concept Development Design for Manufacture (DFM) • Digital Design &  Digital simulations (FEA, CAD) • Manufacture Scale-Up 3D Printing  • Subtractive  Forming Technologies (CNC 3/5 axis) • Implant Casting Grinding • Micromachining Supercritical CO2 Machining Composite Manufacture • CT Imaging

Case Studies: • Novel ACL ScrewVictor Mobility Device • 3D printing • Micromachining of Implants • Part Inspection • PROMPT Single Use / Disposable PPH Box

Industry 4.0i - Application of Digital Technologies to Create Smart Factories & Connected Supply Chains

Capabilities: • AR/VR - operators/operator training • Digital Work Instructions • Projection Systems • Big Data/Manufacturing Informatics • Robotics & Co-Bots • Digital Twin Simulations • Cost Modelling • Work Flow & Cell/Factory Layout • Digital Systems Integration • Track & Trace • AI/ML • Predictive Maintenance • Cyber Security • Digital Work Bench

Case Studies: • AI Driven Inspection Systems of Hip Implants • Ventilator Challenge • DES Factory Layout • Digital Twin

Health 4.0 - Application of i4.0 to Clinical Settings

Capabilities: • Smart Tools for Internet of Things (MOT) • Digital Design • Digital Twin of Product and Clinical Environment • AR/VR for Supporting Clinicians • AI/ML in Clinic • Projection Systems • Sensor Prototyping

Case Studies: • Digital OR Demonstrator • Smart Implant • Smart Baby • AR Demonstrator • VR Digital Twin • AI Part Recognition

Our strategic objectives for healthcare

  • Promote growth in the UK in Healthcare and related sectors
  • Help UK businesses to innovate new products and processes that will simultaneously reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes
  • Strengthen the UK’s associated manufacturing industries and supply chain

Working with us is easy

The AMRC team will work with you to understand your needs, clinical requirements, manufacturing objectives or product vision. We work with individuals & organisations from start-ups to multinationals. If we can help your company, we want to hear from you.

We can work at any stage of the product development process, from exploratory research and proof-of-principle designs to pre-production prototyping and hand-over to industry.

We can work on straightforward contract research, funded collaborations, either UK-based or European. We will provide you with a statement of work laying out the project deliverables, before any commitment is required.

A team can be selected to match the skill requirement of your project, from a pool of more than 40 specialist development staff. 

The AMRC has an onsite, ISO 17025 UKAS accredited structural testing facility. The facility provides services for the validation, verification and certification of demonstrators, prototypes, and complete projects that require independent, professional and impartial certification.

Throughout the projects we will consider the relevant Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745, and ISO 13485 & ISO 14971 standards, providing compliant documentation that is submittable towards your technical dossier. We achieved ISO 13485 certification in 2016 and have successfully transitioned to the latest ISO 13485:2016 accreditation.

For more information, please contact:

Malcolm Brown - Medical Sector Lead