Our metrology capability provides a range of dimensional metrology technologies and services to our research groups and partners.

We are skilled in many areas of dimensional metrology, and have experience in a number of industry sectors.

Based in dedicated facilities within the AMRC Factory of the Future, the Metrology team supports the research groups by qualifying novel parts and processes to make sure that they meet physical requirements and industry standards.

To meet the needs of the AMRC’s core research areas, we have developed the flexibility to qualify diverse items such as:

  • High tolerance machined components (including discs, shafts, aerofoils)
  • Free form parts (including composite and 3D printed / ALM)
  • Airframe parts (ribs and spars)
  • Specialist gear geometries - Helical, spline,bevel, worm

Our key capabilities and resources include:

CMM contact probing (3 and 5 axis touch point and scanning)

  • Nikon Metrology LK Evolution CMM 251512 with SP25 and TP200
  • Mitutoyo Cryta Apex CMM 122010 with REVO
  • Hexagon Leitz PMM-C 12107 with gear analysis software modules

Roundness measurement

  • Talyrond 565XL with contour and surface finish capability

Measurement arm probing

  • Hexagon Romer Arm 2.5 metre with HP-L scanner

Large volume and portable metrology

  • API laser tracker
  • Leica AT401 and AT402 Laser Tracker (AT402 with B-Probe)
  • Leica AT901 Laser Tracker with T-Mac (for adaptive robot control), T-Scan (for automated laser line scanning) and T-Probe (for 6 degree of freedom probing)
  • Leica AT960 Laser Tracker with T-Mac, T-Scan 5 and T-Probe
  • Hexagon WLS 400 structured light scanner
  • GOM ATOS III Triple Scan and TRITOP systems
  • Surphaser 25 HSX spherical scanner
  • Leica P20 spherical scanner
  • Nikon Metrology laser radar
  • Nikon Metrology iGPS
  • Nikon Metrology K-Series optical CMM

Point and polygon data analysis

  • InnovMetric Software – PolyWorks 2017
  • New River Kinematics – Spatial Analyzer
  • Leica Cyclone

Optical surface roughness and form measurement

  • Alicona InfiniteFocus G4 and G5

We collaborate extensively with the metrology specialists within the AMRC partnership. Our key members supporting the metrology group include:

The AMRC has multiple PolyWorks software licences to support our point cloud and probing-based inspection of parts. This allows us to standardise our data from multiple instruments for analysis on a single platform.

We also research and develop new metrology methods and technologies, using statistical techniques to benchmark the results and providing valuable data to help achieve technology readiness level targets.

We can provide a measurement service for AMRC partners, either as part of their own research or as a standalone project. To help provide a professional service, we have automated the scanning of batch components and written macros to perform complex alignments and analysis.

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