Grinding and surface finishing operations can account for 20-25 per cent of expenditure on all machining operations.

Many components are primarily machined using these techniques, while others rely on such processes for final accuracy and precision.

The AMRCs machining group has developed a Grinding Centre of Excellence to support the demand identified by UK industrial partners for capability in grinding technology. The focus has been on the development of a broad spectrum of technologies spanning TRL levels with a view to bridge research and technology demands through to applied requirements.

Our machine tool capabilities and research framework span a range of grinding processes, core research themes, sectors and commodities.

Machine tool capabilities span a rangeof grinding processes:

• Cylindrical grinding
• Surface and profile grinding
• Gear grinding
• Multi-functional grinding
• Ultrasonic grinding

Core topics:

• Grindability of materials
• Process monitoring and control
• Method of manufacture development
• Process optimisation
• Advanced materials
• Hybrid grinding processes
• Flexible grinding processes

Key machining resources include:

• Studer S41
• Makino G7
• Blohm Profimat MC607
• Blohm Prokos XT
• Höfler Rapid 1250XLK
• DMG Mori NT4250
• haas Multigrind CB
• DMG Mori US10

For more information, please contact: 

Dr David Curtis – technical fellow